RTCode.io – August 2022

rt.ht short links, strict privacy mode and remote output improvements

RTCode.io – August 2022

Cloud infrastructure

rt.ht … (short links)

domain stands for real-time/remote hypertext, and we use it for short links.

We also got sy.ht and we are verry happy with it!
We also use efn.kr for company short links.
Elefunc Γ— CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront …

now delivers our static assets, making loads 11 to 51 times faster!

CloudFront ~7ms (consistent performance)
CloudFront ~7ms (consistent performance)
Cloudflare ~76ms hot-cached (~350ms worst case)

Strict privacy mode

Third-party cookies

Browsers are starting to block third-party cookies by default.

Browser Block Date
Safari 2020-04
Firefox 2022-06
Chrome 2024-07
Edge 2024-07

Unfortunately a core technology we use for immediate feedback on <script> changes without sending user input to our servers was getting caught in the mess.

We have made significant frontend changes to ensure our output frame will continue to work, while still delivering

  • true infinite loop protection
  • true privacy, without servers
We are also working on proposals to improve the relevant web standards by creating ways to clearly signal and opt out of the persistent storage capabilities of the affected APIs.

Sign in with Google

We use <pwa-auth> by Microsoft for federated user logins.

<pwa-auth> is using an older, and now deprecated, Google API that does not work when browsers block third-party cookies or run incognito. We worked around this and shared our solution with Microsoft.

We have also asked Microsoft to start using the new Google API.

Remote output

Quick connect

Establishing connections could take up to 40 seconds with Chrome and Edge.

We have addressed the underlying issue and these browsers now establish remote output connections blazingly fast!

Multi-region signaling

While the vast majority of our users eventually get to enjoy a direct, peer-to-peer connection, all sessions initially go through a signaling system which facilitates route discovery between remote browsers.

We have invested heavily in our signaling infrastructure and now run in multiple regions/clouds with IPv6 support:

  • us.rt.ht aws πŸ†•
  • kr.rt.ht oci πŸ†•
  • eu.rt.ht scaleway
All of our HTTPS services supported both IPv4 and IPv6 from day one.

UI improvements

Remote output …

now uses random short links which also support early cancellation.

Random links with Cancel option.

Active remote connections are now displayed with more detail.

New active remote connection elements
New active remote connection elements
Old active remote connection element
Old active remote connection element

Community Work

Shoelace (web components)

Upgraded to 2.0.0-beta.82, contributed to the following fixes:

`<sl-dropdown>` cannot keep content in viewport (regression in `2.0.0-beta.81`) Β· Issue #860 Β· shoelace-style/shoelace
Describe the bug In version .81, <sl-dropdown> cannot keep its content in viewport. This is a regression. One example is described here with a playground link and screenshots. Another example is de…
`<sl-dropdown>` content overflow regression introduced in `2.0.0-beta.80` Β· Issue #859 Β· shoelace-style/shoelace
@claviska – Reopening #856 after updating a screenshot with markers. This is independent from z-index. (Also re-confirmed after the z-index piece manually, before asking for your time again.) Here…
`<sl-tooltip>`(, `<sl-dropdown>`) stylability regressions due to the new `<sl-popup>` in `2.0.0-beta.80` Β· Issue #858 Β· shoelace-style/shoelace
What issue are you having? <sl-popup> introduced a new level of #shadow-root that made parts that were stylable in .79 unstylable. sl-tooltip::part(base) { opacity: .5; } βœ”οΈ .79 used to work for bo…
`<sl-dropdown>` content overflow regression introduced in `2.0.0-beta.80` Β· Issue #856 Β· shoelace-style/shoelace
Describe the bug βœ”οΈ 0.78 <sl-dropdown> ... <div part=base> ... <div part=panel style=β€œmax-width: #px; max-height: #px”>βœ”οΈ 0.78 β†’ overflows are nicely contained. ❌ 0.80 <sl-dropdown> ... <sl-popup p…
`<sl-menu>` and `<sl-menu-item>` regression in `2.0.0-beta.79` caused by allowing focus on disabled items for improved accessibility Β· Issue #845 Β· shoelace-style/shoelace
Describe the bug Disabled (and also not displayed (CSS: display: none)) menu items allow focus (via keyboard o__O and mouse). This weird behavior introduced in 2.0.0-beta.79 potentially for project…

Monaco (editor)

Upgraded to 0.34.0 from 0.33.0.

<pwa-auth> (federated login)

`<pwa-auth>` – Google is replacing its β€œSign-in JavaScript Platform Library” with the new β€œIdentity Services for Web” in March 2023 Β· Issue #3309 Β· pwa-builder/PWABuilder
What happened? https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/web/reference We are discontinuing the Google Sign-In JavaScript Platform Library for web. The library will be unavailable for download…
`<pwa-auth>` – enable Sign in with Google with a reduced response when strict privacy mode (Block third-party cookies or InPrivate browsing) is used (until we switch to Google Identity Services for Web). by CetinSert Β· Pull Request #3343 Β· pwa-builder/PWABuilder
This is a temporary fix for#3286 requested by @maraah1 in#3286 (comment) until <pwa-auth> switches to the new Google Identity Services for Webtracked in#3309 PR Type Bugfix Describe the…