Declare the browsers you support.

Show users their browser name and version, matched with a list of the browsers you support as a company or project.

A configurable visual statement with live data from MDN.

🎁 is a free service.
You can embed it into a website
or link to it via our frontend API.
Scores 100/100 in performance.
We only use https: with HSTS enabled.
The protocol is not used in examples.

Frontend APIβ‹―

The page can be customized by hash parameters.

  • User browser (simulate different)
    • n name
    • v version
  • Supported
    • b browser[:version](s)
    • B browser set (desktop, ...)
    • V version range (default)

Defaults are: #V=[-1,0]&B=most_used.



Simulate user browser.

Press the ↑ and ↓ keys.
Another way to simulate a user browser is to double click on it and paste a User Agent String. Find examples here.



Supported browsers.

b= B= desktop mobile most_used
edge + +
chrome + +
firefox + +
safari + +
opera +
chrome_android + +
firefox_android + +
safari_ios + +
samsunginternet_android + +
opera_android +
Latest Safari, latest 3 of Chrome.
Latest desktop browsers.


Supported default version range.

Latest 3 (of most used).
Latest 1 of Edge, 3 of Safari & Firefox.